What we do


Towards building an inclusive enabling environment for improving the quality of life in North-eastern region of India


To function as a Centre of Excellence, proactively promoting sustainable innovative solutions for a vibrant economy in the North-eastern region of India


To design and implement innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable to improve quality of life focusing on low income households with an emphasis on human resource development in North-eastern region of India

NEIDA engages with community institutions and grassroots Non-Governmental Organizations for the implementation of different development projects. 

NEIDA plays the role of an idea incubator, by exploring new ideas and innovative ways to address chronic development challenges of rural households. NEIDA directly monitor projects under NEI and conduct studies, action research or field experimentation to develop or demonstrate appropriate ideas and innovations. Such well tested ideas can then be scaled up to benefit a wider range of population in partnership with multi stakeholders including state governments and donor agencies.